Load Case Tree Form

Form: Load Case Tree

Under the Analysis tab, click the Show Tree button to open the Load Case Tree form.

As the name suggests, the form displays a tree of the load cases defined for the model.

Use the Expand All or Collapse All buttons on the form to show all cases or limit the display of cases, respectively. With the load cases displayed, right click on a load case name to display the form needed to edit that load case. With the form displayed, click the F1 key on the keyboard to display context-sensitive Help for that form. When the check box "Simulate Staged Construction" at the top right of the form (if available) is checked, the user can simulate the staged construction sequence without analyzing the model. Click on any load case or any stage under staged construction load case to see the objects that are active for that load case or stage in the current model window.

Right click any load type in the window to show the Load Case Data -{Load Type} form.


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