Lock Panel

The Analysis > Lock has the Model Lock/Unlock command. This command functions as a toggle, alternately locking and unlocking the model.

Locking the model prevents changes to it. CSiBridge automatically locks the model after running an analysis to prevent any changes that would invalidate the analysis results. When the model is locked, most Edit, Draw, Define and Assign commands that directly affect the objects are not available. One exception is the Analysis > Load Cases - All commands, which can be used to define or modify a load  case when the model is locked. If the definition of a load case that has already been run is changed, CSiBridge will display a warning that the analysis results will be deleted for that case and for all cases that depend on it.

Design operations can be performed on a locked model in fact, they must be performed on a locked model because the analysis results must be present.

Commands that affect groups, views, and display items are not locked.

When a model for which analysis results are available is unlocked, CSiBridge will display a warning that unlocking the model will cause all analysis results to be deleted