Load Patterns Panel

Click the Loads >  Load Patterns command or on the Bridge Wizard select the Load Pattern Definitions item and click the Define/Show Load Pattern button to access the Define Load Patterns form and add, modify, or delete load patterns.

A load pattern is a specified spatial distribution of forces, displacements, temperatures, and other effects that act upon the structure. A load pattern by itself does not cause any response in the structure. Load patterns must be applied in load cases in order to produce results. One special type of load pattern available in CSiBridge is the Bridge Live Load pattern. In that type of load pattern, one or more vehicles that move across the bridge is specified. A time is specified for when each vehicle starts loading the bridge along with the initial vehicle location, the direction of travel, and the speed. When used in a multi-step static or multi-step dynamic (direct integration time history) load case (see Step 12.1), this type of load pattern is useful in evaluating special vehicle loads.