Batch File

Form:  Batch File Control

A batch file is a list of CSiBridge model files. When a batch file is run, CSiBridge will open the listed model files in succession, run their analyses, and manage the analysis files (save all, save some files, or delete all files) with no action required by the user. Thus, the Orb > Batch File  command is useful for running multiple models when the computer is unattended (e.g., overnight).

Note:  Use the Analyze > Analysis Options command to specify that model definition and analysis results tables be automatically saved after an analysis has been run for a model.  With that option set, use the Orb > Batch File command to generate the analysis results of multiple model files (i.e., output tables) as well as the analysis files for those models (i.e., binary files).

Click the Orb > Batch File command to access the Batch File Control form. Use the form to complete any of the following:

Note: The Advanced Command Line Switches (/R and /D only) apply to all files listed in the batch file.