Batch File Path Form

Form:  Batch File Path

Use the Batch File Path form to specify the location of the model files to be used during a batch file analysis run.

  1. Type the new path in the New Path to Program Files display box or use the Select Path button to access the Select a Path form. The Select a Path form has a drop-down list to help select the drive and a display area to help select the subdirectory for the model files.

  2. Choose from the following options to specify the files to which the new path should be applied:

Access the Batch File Path form as follows:

  1. Click the  Orb > Batch File Control command to display the Batch File Control form.

  2. Define a batch file or open an existing batch file as described in Batch File Control.

  3. Highlight a filename in the table and click the Change Filename Path button .