Save and Save As

Use the  Orb > > Save command to save a CSiBridge model. CSiBridge will prompt you to save the file on a periodic basis if the  Orb > Settings > Other Settings command is used and the appropriate option is selected on the Model Save Options form. It is still prudent, however, to use the  Orb > Save command from time to time to perform a full save of model.

If the model has not been saved previously, CSiBridge will prompt for a path and filename. If the file has been previously saved, CSiBridge will store the file in the same location with the same filename, overwriting the previous version. CSiBridge will save the model in a binary file and append an .bdb extension.

Use the  Orb > Save As command to save a model file using a different name. When the command is used, CSiBridge will prompt for the new path and filename. If major changes are to be made to a model, it may be prudent to save a version of the file under a separate name before making the changes. In addition, saving the file under different names as work progresses can be helpful.

CSiBridge will prompt you to save the model before exiting the program if any changes were made to it since the last time the file was saved.

Note:  CSiBridge automatically saves the model when the analysis is run.

Important:  If any analyses have been run, CSiBridge will save the analysis results along with the file when the  Orb > Save command is used. However, CSiBridge will not save the analysis results along with the file when the  Orb > Save As command is used. Thus, use the  Orb > Save command before using the  Orb > Save As command.