CSI Calculator

Form:  CSI Calculator

Use the ETABS Calculator feature to assist with mathematic operations in forms that accept generic entry. That is, when a command accesses a form that requires input of values in edit boxes, use the Calculator feature to calculate the values to be entered.

Access the Calculator feature as follows:

A form that requires generic entry must be displayed. For example,

  1. Select a line object and click the Assign menu > Frame Loads > Distributed command to access the Frame Load  Assignment - Distributed  form.

  2. Click in the first Distance edit box in the Trapezoidal Loads area of the form.

  3. To access  the CSI Calculator  form, hold down the shift key and press the Enter key, or hold down the shift key and double click the left mouse button.

Areas on the CSI Calculator Form

Calculate Formula Note that the parenthetic information displayed in this area of the form identifies the units of the value in the text box of the form displayed when the Calculator was accessed, and, where appropriate, if angles are in degrees or radians.

Menu Items

Decimal places. Specify the number of decimal places to be used in displaying the result.

Show 1000s separator. When this check box is checked, comma separators will be used in larger numbers, such as 1,000 or 10,000.

Type drop-down list. Select the type of mathematic function to use from the drop-down list (Basic Math, Trigonometry, Length Conversion, Force Conversion, Term Conversion, Angle Conversion, Hyperbolic Trigonometry).

Function drop-down list. The selections available on this drop-down list vary depending on the type of mathmatic function selected in the Type drop-down list. Note that as you highlight a function in the drop-down list, the display box to the right provides a brief description of the format of the result given the selected Type and Function.

Insert button Click this button to insert the function in the Formula edit box in the Calculate Formula area of the form.