Choose Tables Form

The program can accommodate more than 500 data table types. The Choose Tables form can be used  (a) to select the types of data to be displayed in tabular format in the lower portion of the ETABS window,  (b ) to select individual data tables that are added to a named table set, and (c) select tables to be exported in formats compatible with Microsoft Excel and Access.  

On the Choose Tables form, check the check box associated with an item to include that item in the display/named table set. Expand the tree associated with a table type by clicking on the plus (+) symbol that precedes the check box. Continue expanding the tree until the table name appears (and the + / - symbol disappears, leaving only the check box).

Checking a primary check box (e.g., the Model check box) will check all subordinate check boxes for that type of data (e.g., Project Settings, Loads, Assignments).

When the form is accessed from the Model Explorer or the Analyze menu command (see below), a Table Set Name edit box and the Show all possible tables check box are added to the form.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When the Show all possible tables check box in the lower right-hand corner of the form is checked, the program lists ALL tables used in the program. Unchecking this check box will limit the list to only those data used in the open model. As indicated above, the program has over 500 table types. If this check box is checked when tables are being selected, the list of available tables will be quite long, presumably with many table types not applicable to the open model.

Note: If a Named Table Set (see preceding bullet item) has been specified that includes a data type for, say results, but those results haven't yet been generated, the Show all possible tables check box should be checked to ensure that the results table is included in the display of the Named Table Set.

When the Design menu >  Show Tables command is used and data is displayed along the lower portion of the ETABS window, the following applies:

Note that the data can be printed by using the Model Explorer > Reports tab or the File menu > Create Report command.


The Choose Tables form can be accessed as follows: