Editing ETABS Geometry Using a Spreadsheet

Geometry data for a model can be copied from an ETABS model, edited in a spreadsheet, and then pasted back into ETABS. Note that only geometry and some section properties can be created or modified in this fashion. Assignments (loads, supports, end offsets, and the like) cannot be made through spreadsheet input.

Input data must be in the appropriate format. To simplify formatting, start a model using one of the ETABS templates and then copy a portion of the model geometry into the spreadsheet and paste it back into ETABS as follows:

  1. Use a template to start a model or open an existing model.

  2. Set the active window to a plan view.

  3. Select a portion of the ETABS model by clicking on it or windowing over it.

  4. Click the Edit menu > Copy command, the Copy button  , or the Ctrl C keyboard command to copy the selected geometry to the clipboard.

  5. Open a spreadsheet.

  6. Use the spreadsheet's Paste function to paste the geometry data into the spreadsheet.

  7. Modify the data as needed and the use the spreadsheet's Copy function to copy the geometry back to the clipboard.

  8. Return to the ETABS model and click the Edit menu > Paste command, the Paste button , or the Ctrl V keyboard command to paste the geometry from the clipboard into the ETABS model.

  9. When the Paste Coordinates form displays, use the Delta X and Delta Y edit boxes to specify placement of the geometry data.

Editing the Geometry Data

In the spreadsheet, each object is described in one line. Following are descriptions of the column headings for each of the three object types (point, line and area) when the data is copied between ETABS and the spreadsheet.

The following items are provided for each end point of the line object: