Model Explorer

The Model Explorer window appears by default on the left side of the ETABS window. Use the Options menu > Show Model Explorer command to hide or display the Model Explorer window.

The Model Explorer Window provides quick access to:

  1. many forms used to define and assign properties or review model geometry, among other tasks (Model tab)

  2. options and check boxes that control how the model displays and what displays on it in the active window (Display tab)

  3. data tables of model analysis input and output (Tables tab)

  4. printed output (Reports tab)

  5. detailed drawings (Detailing tab)

The Model Explorer window displays in hierarchical (tree) format using multiple tabs. The tabs have nodes. In some cases, sub-nodes are used. Expand the nodes until the "+" turns to a "-" to expose various items in the model. Right clicking on an item may display a drop-down menu of options.

For example, right clicking the Properties node displays, among others, the Material sub-node. When that sub-node is clicked, the various material definitions  are displayed; right click on a definition, and  the drop-down menu includes options to add a copy of the definition, delete the definition, modify/show the definition, select or deselect the definition where it is used in the model and show or hide the members to which the material has been assigned;  if a frame object was selected before the original node was clicked,  the definition can be assigned to the selected frame object (note that these options are not available for an Auto Select definition).