Similar Stories Drop Down List

To speed modeling, ETABS offers options to apply some actions to multiple stories at the same time. Apply this feature using the Similar Stories drop-down list, which  is located on the right-hand side of the status bar at the bottom of the ETABS window.

When working in a plan view, choose the appropriate option:

Note: A Master Story cannot be similar to other stories, but other stories can be similar to it.

Note:  When objects are drawn and the All Stories option is enabled, objects are drawn at the first story and above, not on the base (or support) level.

As required, change the similarity option in the drop-down list at any time in a plan view. When the active window switches from a plan view to an elevation or three-dimensional view and then back to a plan view, ETABS will retain the similarity option that it last had in the drop-down list for the previous plan view.

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