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Form: Frame Assignments - Output Stations

Frame output stations are designated locations along a frame element. They are used as locations to report output forces, perform design, and plot points used for graphic display of force diagrams. When force diagrams are plotted, exact forces are plotted at each output station and then these points are connected by straight lines.

Important note: Output stations occur at user-specified locations and at point load locations along a beam.

Assign output stations to frame elements as follows:

  1. Select the frame object to which the assignment is to be made.

  2. Select the Assign menu > Frame > Output Stations command

  3. Choose one of the following options:

  1. Click the Apply button. Any previously assigned output stations will be replaced by this assignment.

    When the Apply button is used, the Frame Assignment - Output Stations form will remain open until it is closed by clicking the Close button. This allows selection of another frame object(s), to which a different assignments can be made.

    If only one assignment  is being made to only one set of selected objects, the
    OK button can be used to both apply the assignment and close the form.

Note: ETABS determines the location of output stations in a different order, depending on if a minimum number of stations or a maximum spacing of stations has been specified.

Note: The output station spacing between one set of point loads may be different from that between another set.


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