Create Report

Form:  Report Viewer, User Report, Report XML Contents File

The File menu > Create Report command has the following subcommands. Each command will generate a data report that displays in the Report Viewer window. Review the report and then print it  or export it in a Word-compatible format using the commands on the Report Viewer.

Note:  Each time the File menu > Create Report > Add New User Report command is used, a new report is generated and added to the list of reports on the Reports tab of the Model Explorer. Thus, this command cannot be used to edit an existing report. To edit a report, right click on its name in the Model Explorer report tree and select Modify Report from the resulting drop-down list, which also includes Show/Refresh Report, Add Copy of Report, Delete Report, Print Report, Export Report to Word, and Create XML Contents File.

Note: To add data to the cover page of the report, such as the project and client name and revision number, click the File menu > Project Information command to access the Project Information form. The items shown with asterisks (*) will be used on the report cover.


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