Display Units

Forms:  Display Units, Consistent Units, Named Units Sets

Typically, the units would be specified when the model is initialized using the Display Units drop-down list on the Model Initialization form.  Although any units may be used at any time while working with the model, e.g., inch units for beam sections and feet units for grid layout, it is important to select an appropriate unit set before starting the model to reduce the possibility of round-off error. In other words, if work is being completed primarily in US units, US default units should be selected as the initial units. In such a case, Metric defaults would not be a good choice for the units because a conversion would always be required when saving the model, which could result in numerical variations.

The Options menu > Display Units command or the Units button > Show Units Form option in the lower right-hand corner of the ETABS Window can be used to access the Display Units form after the model has been initialized;  the form can be used to review and if necessary modify the database units. Note that allowing the mouse cursor to "hover" over the Units button on the status bar  will display a list of those Items that have units and the Units applied to them.

Click the OK button to close the form and apply the changes, or click the Cancel button to close the form without applying any changes.