Choose Tables For {Editing, Display, Printing, Export, xml Format} Form

Access this form as follows (click here)

Use the Choose Data Tables form to select the types of model data to be edited interactively, displayed, printed, or exported. The options available on the form depend on the command used to access the form.

Note:  The Define Database Table Named Sets form displays when the Define menu > Database Table Named Sets command is used. That form shares options and buttons similar to those described herein for the Choose Tables for forms.

The Choose Data Tables form also has the following Edit menu commands. Note that some of these command duplicate the actions of some of the buttons on the form.

Edit Menu Commands


Set Output Options

Displays the Output Options form. Use that form to specify that advanced analysis data be included in the output.

Select Load Patterns

Displays the Select Load Patterns form. Use the form to select the load pattern(s) to be included in the display, print or export.

Select Load Cases

Displays the Select Load Cases form. Use the form to select the load case(s) to be included in the display, print or export.

Save Named Set

Displays the Database Tables Named Set form. Use the form to save the setting for reuse.

Show Named Set

Displays the Select Database Tables Names Set form. Use the form to apply a previously saved named set.

Set Table Formats File

Displays the Set Current Format File Source form. Use the form to specify that the default format setting be used, or to select a previously defined .fmt (format) file. Format files can be created using the Save Format button on the Create Custom Report form, or the Save Table Format to File button on the Modify/Show Database Table Format form.