Database Import Log Form

Access the Database Import Log form as follows:

  1. Click the Edit menu > Interactive Database Editing command to display the Choose Tables for Interactive Editing form.

  2. Choose the data to be displayed and click the OK button to display the table for the selected data type.

  3. On the displayed table, click the  Options menu > Always Display Log After Import  command so that the Database Import Log form will display when data is imported into the table for the selected data type.


Note:  The Database Import Log form also displays after the File menu > Import > SAFE .F2K File command has been used.

The Database Import Log form has a large area that provides a summary of the import data, including the source file, the import type and options, the types of tables/data to be imported, and any error messages, warnings, or information used to help resolve conflicts between the imported data and the elements, objects and other items present in an existing model or data that has previously been imported into a model.

Note:  In the Database Import Summary Data area, the first entry likely will refer to the "Program Control Table." This table lists the name and version number of the program used to create the data being imported, the building codes used and the like. This table must be included with the data to be imported into SAFE or an error will occur.