Model Explorer Window

The Model Explorer window appears by default on the left side of the screen. Use the Options menu > Show Model Explorer command to toggle the Model Explorer window off or on. The Mode Explorer Window provides quick access to many forms used to define and assign properties or review model geometry, among other tasks (Model tab), display model analysis input and output (Display tab), and refine or modify detailing of the model (Detailing tab).

The Model Explorer window displays in hierarchical (tree) format using three tabs. The tabs have nodes that in turn have lists of items. In some cases, sub-nodes are used. Expand the nodes to display the items.

The commands on the drop-down menus provide access to forms with options, and some with  toolbar buttons, that can be used to tailor the detailed drawings to your particular needs. For more information, refer to the individual help topics hyperlinked above or as listed in the Right Clicks topic.