Equivalent Frame

Form:  Equivalent Frame Models

Use the Tools menu > Equivalent Frame command to create, analyze and design an equivalent frame.

Click the Tools menu > Equivalent Frame command to access the Equivalent Frame Models form (if the main SAFE model has not previously been saved, you will first be required to name the file using the Save Model File As form). The Equivalent Frame Models form offers the following five options:

Note: The Add New EFM from Strip Object option is best suited to models that contain only column strips (no middle strips) that have a width equal to the centerline dimension between bays, e.g., post-tensioned slab models that have only column strips. The width of the slab is assumed to be the entire width of the strip, regardless of how the slab geometry was defined in the SAFE model. When using this command, it is important to verify all data to ensure that the transfer from the strip object to the equivalent frame modeler is appropriate.