Equivalent Frame Form

Access the Equivalent Frame form as follows

  1. Click the Tools menu > Equivalent Frame command to display the Equivalent Frame Models form.

  2. Then do one of the following:

    • Click the Add New EFM button

    • Click the Add New EFM From Strip Object button, the Add Copy of EFM button or the Modify/Show EFM button.


The Equivalent Frame form controls all aspects of the equivalent frame model, and through menu commands, tables, drop-down lists and edit boxes, allows an equivalent frame to be created or modified, analyzed, and designed.

The Equivalent Frame form has File, View, Define, Edit,  Run and Display menu options.

The Equivalent Frame form has a Display area that shows the current equivalent frame  in an elevation view with each span dimensioned. The cursor location and other model data will be shown using the following parameters:

Also in the display area are a number of buttons for display control.

Other data areas include:

Click the OK button to save all model data associated with the displayed equivalent frame.

Click the Cancel button to leave the Equivalent Frame form without saving any of the changes or additions to the equivalent frame.

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