Equivalent Frame - Run menu

Click the Run menu > Run Analysis command to immediately start the analysis and design of the equivalent frame. The model will be analyzed and designed for the load cases and combinations created using the Define menu. If post-tensioning is present, it will be considered in the analysis as well when calculating the amount of reinforcing required.

If the Equivalent Frame form is exited, upon returning to the equivalent frame, the Run menu > Run Analysis command will need to be clicked before any results or design can be displayed.

Access the Equivalent Frame form as follows

  1. Click the Tools menu > Equivalent Frame command to display the Equivalent Frame Models form.

  2. Then do one of the following:

    • Click the Add New EFM button

    • Click the Add New EFM From Strip Object button, the Add Copy of EFM button or the Modify/Show EFM button.


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