Overview of Program Output

SAFE creates output in two formats, graphical and tabular. The graphical output can displayed on screen or printed. The tabular output also can be displayed on screen as a spreadsheet, saved to a text file, or printed. Tables can be exported to a spreadsheet or database program, and graphics and tables can be combined into text reports.

The graphical output can be displayed in 2D or 3D views. In 2D (plan) views, the program reports the value of the plotted result at a particular location as the mouse cursor is moved over the display. In 3D views, most plots can be shown on the deformed shape or can be shown extruded. Plots on deformed shapes can also be animated. Analysis and design output is available from the Display menu.

The tabular output is available using the Display Tables command under the Display menu. Any tables displayed using the Display Tables command can be printed or saved/exported directly, or printing and saving to text files can be done through the Print Tables command under the File menu.

Tabulated output can produce huge amounts of data. The amount of tabular output can be reduced by selecting the objects for which results are to be printed. If no objects are selected, the results for all objects are tabulated.

The analysis results are available for each load case or loading combination. The graphical display commands ask you to pick a particular load case or combination for which results are to be displayed. The tabular result commands allow you to select several load cases or combinations for which the tables are to be output. Optionally, you can request enveloping results to be printed.

All design is always developed for the loading combinations specified for design but only the enveloping results are reported or displayed.

The following types of output are available: