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SAP2000 is a full-featured program that can be used for the simplest problems or the most complex projects. This topic briefly describes the new features in the program and directs you to manuals and technical support to help you get started using this latest version of the program.

The topics in the Getting Started book of this Help provide overviews of how to use the program, including suggested step-by-step instructions for the Modeling Process and design (Aluminum Frame, Concrete Frame, Steel Frame) as well as an introductions to Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis.

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Example Problems. Twenty-six example problems have been prepared to demonstrate how to use the various SAP2000 commands and features. The problems may help improve your understanding of the sequence for using the commands and how the commands relate to one another during the modeling process. The Problems Introduction topic identifies the problem name and structure type being modeled, the features involved in the model, and some of the key commands used to complete the model. The list of commands is intended to help you locate an example(s) that demonstrates use of a command. The listed commands are not the only commands used.